treach-er0us asked: what are your inspirations?

In photography, definitely Oleg Dou and Andrew Zuckeman. 
I really like the work of Gregory Crewdson too.

A lot of my work is inspired by illustration or painting. 

Anonymous asked: hi do you have any works you'd consider self-portraits? :-)

some of my work is self portraiture, i usually make the first test images of my series with self portraits. 

New work on the Genetic serie:


Headpieces by Maiko Takeda



Stefan Zsaitsits.


Anna Dittmann

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Animal Kids by Michael McConnell


Does million dollar work get you into Art Academies? by Michael Mikrivaz

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Without the use of Photoshop or any digital manipulation, Korean artist JeeYoung Lee spends weeks converting her tiny Seoul studio into some of the most elaborate installations we’ve seen—for the sake of taking a single photograph.

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cuddling couples seen through X-rays

created by Japanese photographers Ayako Kanda and Mayuka Hayashi, who have been awarded a “Mitsubishi Chemical Junior Designer Award” for their work.